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At Realty Center International our property appraisers, brokers and broker managers have over 50 years of combined experience in the real estate sector. We are proud to be serving Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete, and Brandon (Tampa Bay) as well as Lake County and The Villages.

Residential Services

Buying or selling a home can be a long and emotional process, especially if it’s your first time. Our helpful and experienced property appraisers serve Sarasota and the surrounding area and can make the entire process more time and money efficient. Whether you’re looking for condos for sale in St Petersburg or you’re hoping to sell your family home in another area of Florida, the RCI team is here to help.

Commercial Services

Are you looking to sell or lease a commercial space? Our commercial team has the knowledge and the tools to get your property noticed by potential buyers and renters. Or, maybe you’re searching for a property for your new or expanding business? We can help you find the perfect place at the perfect price to allow your company to flourish.
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Vacation Rentals

Buying a property to rent as a vacation home can be a profitable investment, but it can also be a time-consuming undertaking. We offer vacation property management in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and Lake Country among other areas, and we take care of every detail so you don’t have to. We treat your home as if it’s our own, so you can be certain it’s in good hands.

Property Management

Are you thinking about leasing your house or condo? We take care of dozens of monthly rentals in Sarasota and the surrounding area of Florida, and our highly qualified team are experts in their field. We take care of the entire process including being the point of contact for your tenants, managing financial transactions, and ensuring that all legislation and paperwork is up to date. We pride ourselves on securing long-term tenants and ensuring the best rental prices for our clients.
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Starting a business can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time. And, if you’re ready to sell a company that you built from the ground up you’ll know that it’s a complex and emotional undertaking. Whichever stage your business is at, you can trust the team at RCI to help you navigate the process in the most time efficient, cost-effective way possible.

Our Team

Rodger Kooser
Rodger Kooser brings over 37 years of experience to Realty Center International, and as a managing Broker, his knowledge is passed through every agent in the office and onto his (and their) buyers and sellers. After years of working for private real estate companies as well as national companies such as Centex Homes, Rodger, through the coaxing of fellow agents, opened his own firm in 1999. What started as a boutique firm in Ft Lauderdale quickly grew to one of the most well known and highly reputable firms in the area boasting over 50 agents. That experience took him to Tavares, FL where he worked with the city to rezone the downtown waterfront and create an entertainment district that is second to none. Many of the businesses there, including restaurants and hotels, Rodger had his hand in designing, building and making them successful. Rodger is now loving every minute of assisting Buyers, Sellers and the agents in his office to experience the incredible life style of the Tampa Bay Area and "Obtain the Key to their Dreams"
Leigh Ann Teems
Leigh Ann Teems started in Real Estate in 1999 in Central Florida and moved to Tampa in 2018 to continue her real estate and business goals. Together with her husband, Danny, they not only do Real Estate but currently own an inground pool building company and in the past has owned a restaurant, a title agency and a large REMAX franchise, that was #1 in their market. Coming from a family of Realtors, Builders, Engineers and Surveyors, her knowledge of Real Estate and Business is extensive. As managing broker of Realty Center International, she not only gets to pursue her passion with assisting buyers and sellers with one of the largest transactions and most important decisions of their life, she also is afforded the opportunity to work with agents as she has done for over 15 years. “Developing agents and helping them grow their business is part of this industry I thrive on. Having over 30 agents in my office makes its exciting for agents and clients alike as there is always a buzz of activity.” Leigh Ann stated whiled interviewed about her passion for Real Estate. Leigh Ann brings a wealth of knowledge in not only sales but also Property Management, as she has managed over 150 properties and loves putting landlords and tenants together as much as buyers and sellers. Having almost 20 year in the business, there is very little she ha not experienced. She is very much looking forward to growing her Real Estate career in Tampa!
Hayley Dunford
Hayley Dunford, after receiving her BA in Business Finance, Entrepreneurship and Real Estate from the University of Florida in 2013 decided to add a Real Estate company to her portfolio of business opportunities was just what she wanted to do. As overseer of the Realty Center Property Management division for over 6 years and managing all the backend software and office with over 30 agents, she has the experience it takes to take Realty Center International to the next level. Working out of her office in Sarasota, she also is the owner of Omnis Business Solutions, a bookkeeping and business management company. She brings knowledge, experience, and dedication to every aspect of both businesses and puts the tools and management in place to allow her agents to be the best in the business!
Lauren Bice
Lauren Bice has grown to become a vital part of the Realty Center International organization. After working as a receptionist and moving her way up (very quickly), she now manages the Property Management Division. As an intrical part to everything that is done at RCI, she is quickly learning her way around the sales side of Real Estate as well as the knowledge of getting a contract to closing while assisting each one of the Realtors. Moving to Florida from North Carolina, she has quickly adapted to the area and has become very knowledgeable about properties, subdivisions and the market. She looks forward to continuing to grow with RCI and helping to grow the company and its agents.
Elisa Campbell
Elisa Campbell is a connoisseur in home design and decor. After earning her Master’s in Business Administration and working in human resources, mortgage assisting and insurance billing, Elisa started her own business of handmade furniture and interiors. As a self-taught designer, she spent 4 years working with customers to realize and enhance family heirlooms, create accent features in their homes, and build unique furniture. “One of my favorite projects was a farm table I built for a woman as a gift to her father. The lumber used was from a barn built by her great grandfather that was being torn down. When I delivered the table, I was met by tears of joy, and it warmed my heart to know that by giving new life to old barn wood, there is now a gathering place for new memories to be cherished and passed down for generations,” says Elisa. As a small business owner, Elisa handled all aspects of the projects from planning, searching for unique materials, building, selling, marketing, and delivering items while maintaining her books and records. Although owning a small business was very rewarding, Elisa is now ready to take her background and love of house and home design to a new level. As a new realtor in Tampa and surrounding areas, Elisa will take the one-on-one expertise she has used in the past and her love for interiors, to provide top notch customer service, feedback and attention to detail with each individual. Allow Elisa to help you look beyond the walls of your new house to find a place to call home. “I am excited to do this along-side the expertise and support of the Realty Center International family.”
Carol Steen
Carol Steen is a pillar in her community. For 18 years she has managed and served in multiple establishments and organizations within Ybor City and the Tampa Bay Area. Tampa Bay Times has even published an article about Carol dubbing her “ Mother of all Mothers” as she has dedicated so much time to helping all those around her in need while still raising 6 kids. You will actually hear people call out Mamma as she walks down the streets in Ybor City. Her extensive charity work has even earned her Sainthood by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence! Carol is now taking that same love and care with her real estate clients as she helps them make their dreams come true.
Ray Kooser
Ray Kooser’s real estate career started 20 years ago in Ft Lauderdale with R&S Realty Group where he was working with buyers and sellers of both residential and commercial real estate. With Ray’s passion for the ocean and it’s surroundings he worked with waterfront properties, both residential and commercial expanding into the Florida Keys where he was successful in the development and management of marinas and waterfront venues while still assisting buyers find homes as they discovered that area. With Ray’s move to the Tampa Bay area, Realty Center International is thrilled to have someone with Ray’s knowledge that will be assisting clients within a very broad west coast market, ranging from Pascoe County through the Tampa Bay area all the way south through the Florida Keys.

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Realty Center International is proud to be serving Tampa, Clearwater, St Pete, and Brandon (Tampa Bay) as well as Lake County and The Villages.